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Hi Fans! Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our latest special episode: The UCB Sports & Leisure / Hooray Show Crossover Episode!

This 35 minute piece was recorded at the UCB Sunset Podcast Studio and edited by Chad at Bro Bro Studios.

Horatio, along with Joe Nunez visit Matt Walsh and Scot Armstrong to record an episode of the UCB S&L podcast and the improvisation took the show in an unexpected direction.

We open with the President of the UCB Network, Del Taco Lipshitz demanding to increase the listenership of both podcasts with a crossover episode. Scot, being unfamiliar with the Hooray Show, visits Bro Bro Studios with Matt and are hosted by Horatio, "Chad" and their ping-pong table. Joe Nunez is in the house doing laundry and of course gets stuck in the machine.

We also learn that Nunez has a daughter but the twists don't stop there.

Somehow we obtained a recording from the future celebrating the anniversary of this amazing crossover episode and we also eavesdrop on a focus group offering their opinions of the now famous episode.

Fran Baker guest stars in a most memorable roll.

Don't miss the UCB S&L Hooray Show Crossover! Coming soon to an earhole in your head!

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