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Season 4 Diary

Hello Hooray Show Fans!

When this show first started on Earwolf, we had a nice forum where I would often write notes on the show to give some greater insight and details into the production and thought process behind each episode. I want to pick that tradition back up here on I'll start with some general notes about where we're at and moving forward, I will try to offer more specific notes on a show by show basis. If you ever have any questions or want to discuss the production or thought process behind an episode, I am generally pretty responsive so hit us up!

Starting back with Episode 3 of this Season, Horatio and I committed to recording a lot more with just the two of us. Part of this was out of necessity as we wanted to keep producing new episodes but scheduling guests we wanted had become a frustrating experience. Schedules never seemed to line up. We haven't totally bailed on the idea of having guests, but we also wanted to prove to ourselves that we could continue to make new episodes whether we have guests or not. Also quite honestly, winter has been a long break for both of us and we had all this time, we live in the same house, have a studio in the basement and love doing this show! So we really have no excuses.

While we don't record every day, we loosely committed to doing just that. Get up in the morning, do our thing (coffee, errands etc...) meet in the basement and roll tape. This has actually made my job a lot harder, because I now have hours and hours of footage to go through and decide what goes in the next episode and what doesn't. I mix down nearly everything whether I intend to use it or not because you never know. But I usually have a fairly good idea of what we're going to use and what we are definitely NOT.

We are both enjoying this process and will continue along these lines for a while. We hope you are enjoying it too. Honestly, I could go on and on about this show but I don't know what you're interested in. Like I said, if you have any questions or comments, let us know and I will answer them. Peace,


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