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Welcome to the new

As you can see, we launched our own website to give The Hooray Show it's own base of operations on the internet. All of the audio is still hosted over at the Art19 page, but their embeddable player is pretty rock solid so you should be able to use this site to listen and download in the same way you were before, just graphically different.

I will be tweeking the design pretty constantly for a while and I welcome your feedback or suggestions.

We mostly wanted our own site so we could get back in the business of communicating with fans and for making sure you are included in the show. When we first launched on Earwolf, they had those nice little forums where people could discuss the show or interact with us and I missed that part. As of right now the issues/tissues page and chat room are in their demo modes, but if there is enough interest, I will install the full versions.

The website is mobile friendly, which is to say, painstaking effort has been made to make the site mobile friendly so please excuse any wonkiness and let me know if something is off.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting. Leave a comment, use the chat room, break the site and enjoy.

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