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NEW EPISODE 12/12/17

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There are 2 ways to become a sponsor of the show! First, you can simply and generously click on the Donate Button and contribute any amount you wish to help us continue to produce the quality podcast you've grown to love.

The Second is you can become a monthly subscriber of ONLY $1 / MONTH and have access to EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL not available anywhere else. 

Welcome to The Hooray Show, a Horatio Sanz audio presentation. The Hooray Show is recorded in Bro-Bro Studios, a.k.a. Horatio's basement in Echo Park, CA. 


Recorded and produced by Horatio Sanz and Chad Krueger.


Opening Theme Song: "Bless This Mess" by David Bazan.

If you want to contact the show, leave a comment or find us on social media, visit the Issues/Tissues page.


To listen to or download episodes or to subscribe, put your mouse on the show image and let the magic happen. 

Cold Open Video from #DCM19

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