Chad Krueger

Executive Producer


Chad attended Columbia College Chicago as a theater major. While waiting for an audition one day, he found a practice room with a piano and in order to relax, sat down and improvised some blues. A teacher at the school, who also happened to teach at The Second City, heard him play and offered him a gig as a Music Director for the world famous theater.


For almost two decades, Chad wrote and performed with The Second City in all of their touring companies and had resident stays with the Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago e.t.c. companies. 


In June of 2014, Chad moved to Los Angeles where he reconnected with his old friend and Second City touring mate, Horatio Sanz. Both having a love for the radio comedies of old, and the on-air radio personalities of the time they grew up, they decided to create "The Hooray Show" in that fashion. 


Chad still occasionaly dabbles in music and recently, along with Peter Murrieta, began producing "The Remarkables", a podcast also recorded at Bro Bro studios. He also is now apparently a website designer and types in third person. 

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